Full-Spectrum Greatness

We have a difference of opinion. We believe that the fresher the starting material, the better. That’s why Sticky Fish uses only ‘Fresh Frozen’ material, to bring out all the dynamic nuances of each Cannabis strain. The result is a full-spectrum concentrate, dripping with terpenes and cannabinoids.

We, Sticky Fish, are the fresh water of the Cannabis industry; and we hope you will trust us to provide the purest Cannabis derived products.

Sticky's Concentrates



Sticky Fish Wax & Budders are designed for an ultimate experience. Our clean processes are the safest way to capture the terrific THC, CBD & terpene compounds. These compounds are then refined to bring out the Sticky Fish quality that will consistently deliver.



Allow Sticky Fish to shatter your expectations. Our shatter is pure, potent, and fire. The terps are tasty with THC levels that will help you unwind and enjoy the ride. Rest assured that our clean processing methods will provide you with a safe & powerful product.



Sticky Fish THC Crystalline. Known as the strongest and purest isolate anywhere on the market testing at 98-100%. This pure THCA converts to THC when vaped/dabbed and creates a clear and highly cerebral effect. Can be used as a dab or mixed in with other oils to increase potency.

"We're on a mission to create the purest, cleanest, and safest concentrates on the market. It starts with us and is passed on to you. We don't chase standards, we set them."